вторник, 10 июня 2008 г.

New Cop Caper Proves To Be Surprise Attraction

In the mail, when a Kelowna, British Columbia, resident picked it up the other day, was a letter from his mother. There was no doubt about that; in her handwriting on the envelope was his name: Mr. Christopher Berry. However, that's all that was written on it. No street address. No city, province, country, or postal code. All the more remarkable is the fact that Berry's mother lives in England. How could her correspondence find its way through the sorting systems of two countries and reach him in only one week? One theory: Since she writes as often as four days in every seven, the mail handlers all along the way must have recognized this one as another of her letters and known just how to route it.

Speaking of mail, the US Postal Service suggests it's time to think in terms of starting your Christmas shopping if you're planning to send packages overseas. For example, parcels traveling by ship to addressees in Africa should be postmarked by Oct. 26 if they're to arrive on time. New Cop Caper Proves To Be Surprise Attraction

"Rush Hour," a comedy starring Asian superstar Jackie Chan and rising black comic Chris Tucker as mismatched cops in Los Angeles, defied all expectations at the box office last weekend - far surpassing the competition and grossing $31 million. That set a new record for a September opening, surpassing the $18.9 million recorded in 1996 for "The First Wives Club," according New Line Cinema, which released "Rush Hour." Estimated grosses for top films at North American theaters Sept. 18-20 (in millions):

1. "Rush Hour" $31.0
2. "One True Thing" 6.6
3. "There's Something
About Mary" 6.0
4. "Rounders" 4.8
5. "Simon Birch" 3.9
6. "Saving Private Ryan" 3.4
7. "Blade" 3.3
8. "Ever After" 1.7
9. "Armageddon" 1.2
10. "Snake Eyes" 1.0

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