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Most Powerful Women In US Business - Fortune

Reflecting on what had just happened in Oklahoma City, Gregory Johnson said: "It feels great! It feels great! It was well overdue, but it all worked out. Words can't express the way I feel right now!" Had he welcomed the birth of his first child? Perhaps he'd finally paid off his mortgage? No. Johnson, you see, coached Prairie View A&M, a small Texas college, to its first football victory since Oct. 28, 1989 - a streak of 80 consecutive losses, the longest in modern history. The waiting ended when his team edged Langston College, 14-12.

In Slovakia, Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar had some explaining to do earlier this month because of his reelection-campaign billboards. They featured a picture of rugged mountains, lush countryside, and the words "The country of your heart." What could possibly be controversial about that, you ask? Well, his opponents discovered the photo had been taken in Switzerland. Most Powerful Women In US Business - Fortune

Carly Fiorina, group president of Lucent Technologies' Global Service Provider Business, heads a new list of 50 most powerful American businesswomen published by Fortune. In measuring their power, the magazine considered such factors as revenues and profits controlled, the importance of the business to the global economy, and its impact on US culture. The top 10:

1. Carly Fiorina Lucent Technologies
2. Oprah Winfrey Harpo Entertainment Group
3. Heidi Miller Travelers Group
4. Shelly Lazarus Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
5. Sherry Lansing Paramount Pictures
6. Jill Barad Mattel
7. Marilyn Carlson Carlson Cos.
8. Andrea Jung Avon Products
9. Abby Joseph Cohen Goldman Sachs
10. Marjorie Scardino Pearson PLC

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